Leading Astralis player Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye in an interview with Slingshot told about the difference between the teams of the first magnitude Cloud9 and Team Liquid, and also talked about his relationship with Danny’s coach “zonic Sorensen.” The abstracts of this conversation on the margins of the Atlanta summit ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 offers you on a portal for vivid eSports betting MidBet. As we know, the Danes won “silver”. Earlier we published an interview with the founder of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game (PUBG) Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene.

I just reconsidered a series of your matches against Cloud9 and that’s interesting: you really needed a heroic game. What kind of chaos was it? Or were you calm in those situations?

Kjaerbye: We learned how to stay calm for a long time, even in the decisive rounds. You can not even imagine how important victory was to us. Then we played 3v5 and had to do something to win that round. I did something, which in my opinion was supposed to surprise the opponent. And now I’m very happy that everything worked out. I then told the guys: “Come on guys, it was our lifebuoy.” We needed to turn the tide and we could do it! “. Even though it was our one of the worst games, it was important that we held it with dignity.

You played both against Cloud9 and against Team Liquid, which are considered to be the best in North America. What are the main differences between these teams in your opinion, given your experience?

Kjaerbye: It’s hard to say for sure, but I think that both teams are very tactically good, maybe Liquid is a little more. With Cloud9, you should always have a game plan. But they are so good in what they are doing right now that it will not help anyway. You can play your best game, but they will still play the way you were not ready for. And this is the main secret of their game style. This is their main difference.

How important is zonic for the team? Whichever Astralis match I look, I always pay attention to how he helped you.

Kjaerbye: I would say it is extremely important for our team. He is part of the family. I do not even know with whom it could be compared. If for any reason he was not allowed to play with us, I think we would quit playing at all (as an organization). He’s a great coach. He’s just good at everything. He helps in tactics. He’s a cool guy. He supports our team spirit. He even deals with our flights. He is really important for the team – the key guy for us, no doubt.

Yuri Donchenko