Round of 8

Natus Vincere, who got through the Legends Stage without too many problems, faced off against FaZe Clan in the first quarterfinal in Katowice. European mix, which has barely survived until the playoffs, opted into de_inferno for the first map and took a commanding lead in the first half, looking great to close it out. CIS squad, however, did not tap out and moved towards the comeback, building themselves back up round after round. Down but not out, FaZe Clan tried to return the favor, but Natus Vincere reigned supreme, taking a 16-13 map win. Moving to de_mirage, teams traded rounds until CIS team has broken European squad’s economy, winning the first half with the same 10-5. Dropping pistol round meant nothing, as the last Major finalists ran away with the game, 16-7, taking the series “2-0” and moving to the semifinals.

Team Liquid, one of the main favorites of the event, faced off against ENCE Esports, who advanced through multiple stages to getting to the legendary Polish arena. Back and forth in the first half of de_mirage, Finnish team got a narrow 8-7 lead and snowballed it into a massive lead in the second half. The unbeaten favorites tried to mount a comeback, but in the end, it was the challenger team, taking the first map, 16-11. Trading rounds on de_inferno resulted in Team Liquid not only leading 10-5 at the half, but getting to multiple match points in the second part of the game, but ENCE Esports ran it back to get to the overtime and snatch an unlikely victory, 19-16, marking one of the biggest upsets of the tournament as they advanced to the semifinals with an overall “2-0” win.

MIBR got to a great start on de_dust2, which was picked by Renegades, as Brazilian team secured key rounds and led 10-5 at the half time, before closing it out 16-5 in their favor. Australian team, however, did not give up and pushed their defensive limits on de_train, as they accrued an “11-4” lead coming to the switch. MIBR did not get fazed by that and managed to build themselves back into the set, as their monstrous second half got them to the 16-12 map win and an overall “2-0”, going to the semifinals.

Astralis did not leave many chances to Ninjas in Pyjamas on de_mirage, as they led “15-0” at the halftime, and despite Swedish team avoiding the sweep, took the victory, 16-2. The second map, de_dust2, however, went the other direction as Ninjas in Pyjamas nearly built themselves back into the series after trailing “4-11” at the half time, with Astralis ultimately coming out on top, 16-14, progressing into the tomorrow semifinal.

Round of 4

Natus Vincere looked to close the first map on de_train, but ENCE Esports kept their fairytale run alive, as they mounted a comeback once they have established their economy, making it 16-14. However, CIS squad did not take long to equalize, as de_dust2 resulted in a 16-3 finish, moving the series to de_mirage. There, once again, Natus Vincere led at the half time and then in the second half, before ENCE Esports pulled another run towards their ultimate goal, snatching the victory from jaws of defeat 16-14 and advancing to the grand finals in Katowice, Poland with a “2-1” series win.

MIBR led on de_overpass after the first half, but Astralis would not be themselves if they did not give their best in the second half. Round after round, Danish squad was coming closer to the win, as multiple clutches and key wins gave them the opening in the last round, as Astralis got the map “16-14”. The second map, de_inferno, however, was not as close, as Astralis gave up only a few rounds, winning it 16-7, progressing to their second Major grand final in a row.

The Grand Final

Starting on de_train, Astralis blocked the entire defense, getting to the massive “11-4” lead at the half time, before ENCE Esports tried building themselves back into the game. Getting over a double-digit number of the rounds won, however, was the last thing Finnish squad achieved this map, as Danish favorites stopped ENCE Esports and took the map, “16-11”.

Moving to de_inferno, it looked more like a victory lap, as Astralis stormed through the first half, giving up only one round before jumping to a monstrous “14-1” lead before the side switch. Finnish team did not give up and tried to extend the game, but Astralis stopped them on their tracks at “16-4”, winning the series “2-0” and taking their second Major tournament in a row, solidifying their spot on the very top of the CS:GO power rankings.