Round 1

In a rematch of their match in the Challengers Stage, ENCE Esports and Renegades faced each other on de_inferno and once again it was Australian team, who mounted a comeback in the second half, making it 16-13. Team Vitality took on BIG on de_mirage and was successful at doing so, as both halves went their way for a 16-11 overall scoreline. Natus Vincere had little trouble in their opening match, beating G2 Esports on de_inferno, 16-7, while FaZe Clan did even better against HellRaisers, starting their tournament path with a 16-4 win on de_train.

Ninjas in Pyjamas survived the late comeback from NRG Esports on de_nuke, opening the stage with a 16-14 win, while Team Liquid sustained AVANGAR rampant runs in both halves, winning their first match, 16-12. Cloud9 trounced the revamped MIBR lineup on de_inferno with a commanding 16-3 victory to their name, while Astralis kept their legendary streak on de_nuke alive against compLexity Gaming, winning 16-6 to start their title defense.

Round 2

A monstrous first half by HellRaisers gave them enough buffer to withstand the late ENCE Esports push, as de_dust2 went their way, 16-12, to get first win on the board. BIG was leading at the halftime on de_mirage, but G2 Esports managed to turn things around with locking down the sites and ultimately taking the map, 16-13. NRG Esports once again fell flat in the first half as AVANGAR took de_overpas, 16-13, while MIBR recovered after a shaky start and took de_mirage over compLexity Gaming, 16-9.

Natus Vincere and Team Vitality fought back and forth on de_mirage, as CIS squad finally took the much-needed victory in the overtime, 25-22. FaZe Clan, however, were not as fortunate, as Renegades stopped them on their tracks, taking de_inferno, 16-14 and improving to “2-0” after the first day of the Legends Stage. Team Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas played an exciting game on de_overpass, which resulted in North American team taking it, 16-13, while Astralis closed out the second round and the day overall with a total blanking of Cloud9 on de_train, marking the second Major in a row with a 16-0 win to their name.

Round 3

Winning both halves on de_inferno was enough for MIBR to take 16-12 over G2 Esports and improve to “2-1”, while AVANGAR managed to give FaZe Clan their second loss in a row in the Swiss system, this time on de_mirage, 16-13. Cloud9 nearly mounted a come back against Team Vitality on de_mirage, but in the end, it was French-British squad coming out on top, 16-14. Ninjas in Pyjamas continued to look solid, this time taking down HellRaisers on de_overpass, 16-5, coming one step closer to returning to the Major playoffs.

BIG looked strong on de_dust2, as ENCE Esports had no answers to a 16-5 victory for the German team, but Finns managed to recover with their back against the wall on de_train, forcing the third map after a 16-14 win. BIG tried to come back on de_overpass, but momentum was too strong for ENCE Esports, who claimed the win, 16-10 and stayed alive in the tournament. NRG Esports and compLexity Gaming clashed in the North American derby, which resulted in the closest series of the stage so far. Back and forth on de_nuke, teams went to the overtime, where compLexity Gaming won 22-19, and then the same thing happened on de_cache. Both squads traded 8-7 halves once more and again it was the last Major top-8 finishers coming out on top, 19-16, eliminating NRG Esports earlier than nearly everyone expected.

Astralis looked as confident as usual on de_mirage, leading 12-3 at the halftime, but Renegades made a full comeback, taking the first map, 19-17. Moving to de_nuke, the Australian team was leading 9-6 at the break, but after switch it was all over as Danish squad picked up their legendary map, 16-9 and then massacred Renegades on de_inferno, 16-2, moving to the Champions Stage. Team Liquid came back on de_mirage to score the 16-14 win over Natus Vincere before winning de_dust2, 16-9, to enter the final eight of the Polish event.

Round 4 — Winners

The great first half for Renegades on de_dust2 allowed them to get to the first win with relative ease, 16-5, but Team Vitality fired back on de_cache, equalizing the scoreline with a 16-11 comeback win. Back and forth on de_inferno, Renegades once again came on top in the key moments, winning 16-12 and advanced to the Major playoffs for the first time in the history. Natus Vincere looked convincing on de_dust2, not letting AVANGAR to build up any economy and winning 16-6 before winning their pick of de_train, 16-11, returning to the final stage of the event once again.

MIBR won the key rounds on de_train, which resulted in a 16-6 victory, but they could not close the things quickly on de_inferno, as Ninjas in Pyjamas came dangerously close to winning the second map. However, in the end, it was still the legendary Brazilian lineup, who came out on top, 16-14, qualifying for the last stage of the event in Katowice.

Round 4 — Losers

Trading 9-6 halves, ENCE Esports, and G2 Esports found themselves in the overtime, where Finns took control and won the map, 19-16. Moving to de_mirage, ENCE Esports won both halves to take the game, 16-10, advancing to the final round of the Legends Stage. compLexity Gaming looked convincing on de_cache, winning it 16-8, but FaZe Clan managed to respond on de_mirage, forcing a decider map with a 16-11 victory. Down to the wire, European mix finally took the win in the last round of regulation, 16-14, surviving in the tournament for at least a day more. Cloud9 controlled the economy game on both sides of de_inferno, winning it over HellRaisers, 16-8. North American team took a commanding 11-4 lead before the switch on de_cache, and despite CIS organization late attempt to come back, it was too little too late, as Cloud9 won 16-12 and moved to the Round 5 tomorrow.

Round 5

Going blow for blow in the first half on de_mirage, ENCE Esports managed to control the economy game in the second half, winning the map over AVANGAR, 16-12. Going to de_train, it was all about the Finnish squad, which secured the 16-7 victory and advanced to the Champions Stage for the first time in the history. Showcasing a solid de_cache, unexpectedly for the most, Ninjas in Pyjamas scored the first map in their favor, 16-7, but Team Vitality responded with the nearly exact result on de_overpass, 16-8. Winning multiple key rounds which could be detrimental, Swedish team got to 14-1 result at the halftime and despite Team Vitality’s push in the second half, 16-7 was more than enough for Ninjas in Pyjamas to return to the Major playoffs for the first time since 2016.

FaZe Clan got to a massive amount of match points on de_cache, but Cloud9 managed to nearly bring it all back, getting to the last round of the regulation. There, however, FaZe Clan finally managed to make the last step, winning the map, 16-14 before moving to the next one. Despite Cloud9’s efforts, the European team got to an 11-4 score at the halftime and closed the map once they got enough economy to afford a solid inventory, 16-9, moving to the Major playoffs.

There FaZe Clan will face off against Natus Vincere while being in the same half of the bracket as Team Liquid and ENCE Esports. Meanwhile, in the other part of the playoffs table, the reigning champions, Astralis, will play Ninjas in Pyjamas and Renegades are going to face off against MIBR for a spot in the semifinals in Katowice, Poland.