In one of the last tournaments before the Major Championship in Katowice, Poland, FaZe Clan, Cloud9, compLexity Gaming and BIG clashed at the ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational 2019 in Atlanta, United States of America.

FaZe Clan had to come back twice on both de_overpass and de_mirage, but both times it was Cloud9, who triumphed in the overtimes, winning 19-15 and 19-16 respectively to move further in the upper bracket. BIG started with 16-13 on de_overpass against compLexity Gaming, before sealing the deal on de_cache, 16-6, taking the series for themselves. However, they could not keep against C9’s comeback on de_cache, who took a 16-14 win to start the series, before Cloud9 kept BIG away from pulling the same heist on de_overpass, taking it 16-14 as well and moving to the grand finals of the event.

FaZe Clan won de_train, 16-12 and de_cache, 16-2, to move past compLexity Gaming in the lower half of the bracket and then started their set against BIG with a yet another victory on de_cache, this time, 16-14. Finally, the last round of regulation gave German organization a victory on de_train, as they took the equalizer, 16-14, but European squad closed things out on de_inferno, 16-10, advancing to the finals. Despite it being a rematch of the opening game of the tournament, Cloud9 started where they finished last time and won de_mirage, 16-3. European mix, however, did not give up and took de_inferno, 16-12, following it with a 16-9 victory on de_train, taking the first place at the North American event before coming back to Europe to play at the IEM Season XIII World Championship in Katowice, Poland, which is going to be the Major Championship as well.