The game coordinator Natus Vincere G2A Denis “seized” Kostin told about the expectations of the team from PGL Major Kraków 2017. He noted that the team perceived ESL One Cologne 2017 as part of preparation for the “major” and explained why CS: GO does not need an analog of The International.

About ESL One Cologne and training

“Honestly, we reacted [to ESL One Cologne 2017] as a bootcamp in front of PGL Major, because we played a little before Cologne. Due to the GuardiaN wedding, we spent four days without him on the bootcamp in Moscow. We played as much as we could. Then we had a break in three days – we parted at home and began to prepare for the wedding of the Slovak. In a word, we did not play 5-6 days before this tournament and decided not to bother about the final result, but simply reacted to it as a series of official matches. After each game day, we went to the training area and continued training. On the “major” we want to show our true face. We will do everything possible for this. ”

About the prizes in CS:GO

“Of course, everyone wants bigger prize pools, but I think [the current situation] is normal. We do not need a tournament like The International, because it will kill the charm of the other championships. ”

About “Major”

“[Stickers] – a good extra earnings. <…> But money is far from the main thing, it’s all about the prestige of the tournament. “Major” is a priority for any player, everyone wants to hit him. We did not miss a single championship series. I’m the only player who played in all major tournaments as part of one organization. “