Team player Flipside Tactics Denis “electronic” Sharipov told a cybersport portal about the preparation of the team for PGL Major Kraków 2017 and shared his impressions of the last CIS Minor tournament. He also estimated the level of play of the first opponent at the qualifiers – Renegades.

  • – How did you prepare for the qualifiers for PGL Major Kraków 2017? In training, how did the result on the Adrenaline Cyber League impact? Did you even want to win there or did you consider the tournament only as a training session?

– We trained pretty tightly before qualifying. We played seven prakkas, discussed for another couple of hours, maybe even three times, sometimes. And, accordingly, individual training was still. At Adrenaline we arrived, of course, for the victory. A little bit did not go. This tournament has given us a lot: we realized that it does not work and what we need to work on. Do not make such stupid mistakes. And already be more prepared for closed qualifications.

  • – In the first round of qualification you play with Renegades. How do you assess the odds against the winner of the Asian minor tournament?

– To be honest, I personally did not watch their demos, I do not know how they play. We’ll see the demos and analyze it with the team. It does not seem to me that the Asian “mayor” was dense. Do not brag about the fact that they are winners of this tournament. If they, for example, won the European minor-tournament, they could call themselves a good team. And in Asia, I do not see so many teams that play well at a high level. On tier-1 or even on tier-2.

  • – You said that you will all watch demos together. So this is not only B1ad3 doing?

– It happens that B1ad3 one looks and then just gives us a game plan, tells what the rival does. Sometimes, we can sit down together, analyze and together come up with some strategies.

  • – There are a lot of famous teams among the participants of the qualification. Do you have any influence on what you might have to play against shox or n0thing?

– No, because I understand that any team can be won. Especially this matches to one victory. Nothing is impossible. Even shox and n0thing are people, and in a match bo-1, anyone can give way. [Enough] make silly mistakes that you can use.

  • – Which of the modern players is an example for you? Is there someone you wanted to be like?

– I never had any idols. Now I like watching the games of NiKo and coldzera. These two players are very cute to me, and the rest do not show anything supernatural.

  • – This time again there will be a Swiss system for qualifiers. Do you like her?

– It seems to me that the Swiss format for such qualifications is the most suitable. To not play one game and fly out – all play at least three and they have a chance to rehabilitate themselves. Even with a score of 0:2, you can not lose heart and get out with a score of 3:2 on the “major”.

  • – Which of the participants in the qualification do you consider the favorite and why?

– G2 Esports. Still Immortals, but this is not accurate. They always showed good results before the closed qualifications, and then something goes wrong on the qualifiers. Whether a psychological barrier, or a jim. G2 is still a tier-1 team that recently won the ESL Pro League Season 5. But they are now seemingly out of shape. We, too, can win them, the main effort.