Captain Gambit Esports Daniel “Zeus” Teslenko in “Twitter” announced the opening of his own organization. It will be called pro100 – in honor of the team for which Zeus performed in 2004 in Counter-Strike 1.6. Who and in what disciplines will represent the organization, it is not known. In an official statement on the pro100 website, Daniel “Zeus” Teslenko is represented as the founder and president of the organization.

Another founder and CEO of pro100 was Mikhail Kharkov, the CEO of Crystal Clear Soft, which develops and sells software. Representatives pro100 promised to announce the first composition of the organization on May 9.

Comment by Zeus:

  • Yes, the organization PRO100 returned. I hope this is the same good news for all the fans of this team, as well as for me personally. I played for many years under the banner of PRO100, and his return was always my dream. The organization has many well-known personalities, but who it is – let it remain a mystery for now. One of these days I will give an extended interview, where I will tell all the details.

The pro100 team existed from 2003 to 2007. Its original line-up included Zeus, John “Edward” Sukharev, Mikhail “Kane” Blagin, Dmitry “raz0r” Petrukhno and Eugene “KEKC” Petrukhno. Pro100 won several tournaments from the ASUS Open series, and also represented Ukraine at WCG 2005 and 2006. In 2005, the team did not leave the group, and in 2006 it took 9-16 place. The brothers Petruhno completed their careers in 2007, and Kane now holds the position of coach of Gambit Esports. Earlier there was a rumor that the contracts of Gambit Esports players will be bought by the American organization.