Captain FlipSid3 Tactics Andrew “B1ad3” Gorodensky in an interview with the cyberport portal told what the team was doing after ELEAGUE Major. The Ukrainian player spoke about the match against Renegades in the context of offline qualification and called opponents whom he did not want to meet.

About the period between “majors”

“After The ELEAGUE Major we were very upset and we were partly motivated. In addition, our contracts with Flipside Tactics have expired. The other teams tried to lure our players, so we waited before extending the agreement with Flipside. Now that the new contracts are concluded, we continue to play with confidence in ourselves. We lost a lot of online matches and made a decision just before the DreamHack Tours, but still lost, because they were poorly prepared. We gave up small tournaments and leagues and focused on training – we worked hard and prepared a lot of new things. Now we are perfectly prepared for some maps. ”

About the match with Renegades

“We could win the first half with a score of 11-4 [on Train – approx. Ed.], If they had not stupidly given a few rounds. We started well, considering the lost “pistol”. We had a plan on how to play the forceful play correctly, and it worked. The only thing that prevented us was the problems in the game with a numerical advantage. We lost such moments and could not focus on the next round. So we slowed the game a little to calm down. We know that in these situations we tilt and do not communicate, so we decided to do without fast tactics. <…> We did not feel that we were losing the match, so during the overtime we were confident. ”

About offline skills

“I do not think about rivals, I’m thinking about maps. If we do not take into account the stage of the veto, we would like to do without meetings with eminent teams, so as not to leave the comfort zone. I would not want to play with the G2 Esports – it’s a very aggressive team – and maybe HellRaisers, because they have excellent teamwork. They are one of the favorites of these qualifiers. Probably, I would also prefer to skip mousesports. “