On April 14, a series of Copenhagen Games 2017 starts. As part of the e-sports festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhagen Games 2017: Female and Copenhagen Games 2017 in Overwatch will also be held. The LAN tournament will be held in the Øksnehallen arena in the center of the Danish capital. The budget of the main tournament is 50 thousand euros, which will be played by 16 teams. The experts of the most analytical eSports portal CybBet.com offer you to pay attention to 3 players who will play in the qualifications today on April 13.

# Buğra “Calyx” Arkın (Space Soldiers, Turkey)

The Turkish player is 18 years old and his rating in 2017 was 1.18 according to HLTV.

Starting in 2015, he won the following titles:

  • 1st place at the World Championship 2016
  • 2nd place at VitalBet Balkan Pro League Finals
  • 3rd place at WESG 2016 Africa & Middle East Regional Finals

Calyx is one of the most promising stars of the European CSGO. His bright talent attracted the attention of the managers of Space Soldiers – he was signed in February of this year 2017. Already in the new shooter Space Soldiers, he impressively played against Virtus.Pro in ECS.

# Vito “kNg” Giuseppe (Red Reserve, Brazil)

Vito “kNg” Giuseppe is 22 years old and his rating is 1.27 (HLTV). The percentage of his headshots is 26.7%, and the average number of murders per round is 0.87.

KNg has been playing on the professional stage since 2009. February 15, 2017 he noticed the managers of the Red Reserve and lured from the club Orbit Esport. The Brazilian club since signing kNg has won several minor, but very important tournaments.

  • 1st place on the Legend Series # 1 – Finals
  • 1-2 places on Legend Series # 1 – Group Stage and others

# Nemanja “huNter” Kovač (Binary Dragons, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

With the rating beginning of 2017 on the version of HLTV – 1.11, the player with the impressive nickname “huNter” for CSGO has much to grow in his 21 year. The number of headshots is impressive – 42.3%.

HuNter has been playing for Binary Dragons since March 2017, where he moved from the iNation team. Despite the fact that the player is too old for the pro-stage (he started playing in the pro-arena in May 2015), but he already gives a lot of trouble to the most rating players.

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Yuri Donchenko