The Danish team suffered a very sudden changes, guys will make a replacement for the remaining games of the group stage. Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen is unable to continue performance at this tournament as a player has experienced health problems, namely the Danish player needed an operation because the player has found appendicitis. One of the key players, the coach will replace “Astralis” – Danny “zonic” Sorensen.

Recall that tomorrow continues Major-league, which is the name of ESL One Cologne in 2016, in the group “A” converge “Astralis” against “Dignitas”. Note that this confrontation was a revelation of the tournament and then celebrated the victory was “Astralis” with a score of 16:12 on the map – “Astralis”. At this time we will play in the format – best of 3. The winner goes on in the play-off, with the second place, while the loser ends his speech at this championship. Does “Dignitas” be able to make a comeback and how to affect the appearance of the coach as a player will see tomorrow, the start of the match is scheduled for 12.00.

I would like to wish Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen speedy recovery to the operation was successful, and that these were the last health problems and he could speak quietly on the biggest championships in Counter Strike: GO.