Many users still experience games crash in Apex Legends in 2020. We have run through the supports tickets and hints, as well as our personal experience, to give you hints on how you can prevent it.

0x887A0005 Error

This error states that you have removed the graphic card which is confusing because you have obviously not. What makes Apex Legends think so is the external control of the graphic card behavior. I stopped having this crash after making the following steps:

  • Disable G-Sync;
  • Disable the Nvidia built-in FPS limiter (it adds an input-lag anyway);
  • If you use other limiters (such as Riva Statistics Server) and still experience this crash, try disabling them too.

If you think that you really need one of those functions, try to enable one of them to see if the crashes will come back.

Another useful hint is to remove your GPU overclock. Many graphic cards are overclocked from the box because manufacturers want their cards to be faster. You can find the reference values on the Nvidia or AMD websites.

They usually overclock the Core Frequency and Memory Frequency. On the RTX cards, they may leave the base Core Frequency default but increase the Boost Frequency. Ultimately, you can edit those values by updating bios, but an easier way is to get software that almost all the manufacturers offer — you can download it on the official page of your graphic card at the manufacturer’s website.

Set all the frequency to default values and see if you will experience any more of those crashes. That is major advice for many games, not only Apex Legends.

0x887A0006 Error

This error says that your graphic card wasn’t able to process the commands sent by the game. There are different approaches to solve this one out.

  • Remove the GPU overclock. Some graphic cards are overclocked from the box, so it is recommended to downclock them back to stock values.
  • Reduce the graphics quality in-game. This can help if your GPU is 3 years old or even older.
  • Uninstall your GPU driver entirely using DDU and then install the older driver Nvidia driver of the 417.71 version. Different players reported that 417.71 driver is the most stable for Apex Legends.

You must keep in mind though, that the older drivers show lower performance for different games and also miss some functions. So, instead of that, you can keep up with the latest versions, hoping that they will fix the issue. In the meantime, try the other options.

You can also increase the time during which your GPU will wait for the response from applications. To do so, right-click on your Desktop, click ‘New – Text Document’, paste the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Then click ‘Save as’, chose ‘All files’ (not the Text file) and save it as ‘fix.reg’ (or whatever you want, but .reg is important.)

Then run the file. It will change your registry settings, so this is a hint for experienced users. Still, you can change it back any time you want. Just do the same file with 02 instead of 08 and run it. You can also edit this in the Windows registry editor at:


We hope that those hints will help you and improve your Apex Legends experience. Remember that you don’t lose any MMR when you or your squadmate crashes in a ranked game, so don’t worry too much and have fun!