In this article we will try to determine: What you should know about fans of eSports. We rely on accurate data, taken from the Western specialized publications.

Estimation of revenues by regions in eSports. Score of income in 2016 was $ 892.8 million (estimate as of May 2016)

While e-sports is only in the early days of popularity among the hard core audience. However, the regular fans of eSports fans or already involved in the process and this situation offers advertisers and marketers a chance or a great bargain with fans of eSports.

Experts are relentless: over the next 3 years eSports industry will reach $ 1 billion. This means that for the world famous brands and have a chance to stay away from the process, or become part of it.

“Right now the opportunity for marketers to easily engage in e-sports industry.”
Joshua Spiegelman, managing director of the sports agency

Joshua continues: “eSports is still in its infancy compared to the traditional sports where low entry rate into the market and a significant opportunity to expand markets and brands line The first thing to be noted that the core audience of eSports are generation..” Millennium “and” generation Z “.”

“There is a low rate of entry into the market and a significant opportunity”

Key opportunities for marketers:

– Average fan eSports: 18-34 years
– About 60% of them: 25-39
– The average income of fun: $ 75,000 per year
– 58% of them have children
– 49% say that “a significant part of the free time dedicating eSports”
– 60% would like to travel to see their favorite teams and tournaments
– 67% make friends during playgame
– 71% of the pro-scene look to improve their own skills
– 42% would like to see popular brands distributed “different things” in the gameplay
– 41% want to free demos of new games

“Forget the old stereotypes that e-sports fan – a fan of World of Warcraft, sitting in my mother’s basement,” – says Mark Potts, Head of the sports agency.

Esports community – diverse and constantly evolving, including with each new turn of all new members – parents, professionals, children, etc. Now is the time for marketers and advertisers notice that niche, as it accommodates more new entrants.

Yuri Donchenko