This was announced by the player on Twitter. Mikail «Maikelele» Bill joined the Ninjas in Pyjamas in late August and helped the team win the SL i-League StarSeries Season 2. After that, the Swede was involved in three more LAN-tournaments. Maikelele suggested that the game ELEAGUE Season 2 vs. G2 Esports was the last for him as part of the Swedes.

The team Mikail «Maikelele» Bill temporarily replaced by Jakob «pyth» Mouruyarvi who treated injured wrist. In early October, it was announced that Bill will play a part of the Swedes on three more championships. October 25 became known that pyth not need surgery, and he expects to return to the game in November. Where to continue his career, Bill – is still unknown.

During its performance in Ninjas in Pyjamas Maikelele not only helped the team win StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2, but also to pass on the Finals ESL Pro League Season 4, where the Swedes occupied the 3-4 place. Also, the team took place on 7-8 EPICENTER: Moscow and went to the playoffs ELEAGUE Season 2, winning the decisive match for second place in the group G2.

The composition of the Ninjas in Pyjamas:

Christopher «GeT_RiGhT» Aalesund

Patrick «f0rest» Lindbergh

Richard «Xizt» Lundström

Adam «friberg» Friberg

Jakob «pyth» Mouruyarvi

Mikail «Maikelele» Bill (?)