Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev in an interview at the finals of the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 spoke about the dependence of Gambit Esports on his personal result and about the players from Kazakhstan

On the development of the speed of thinking

“I do not know where to develop it. As a child, I played a lot of chess, maybe because of this, I make decisions quickly and in advance. But, as this tournament showed [SL i-League StarSeries Season 3], not all my decisions can be true. I do not know if I developed them correctly. Maybe at some point I stopped in development. Let’s see, the following tournaments will show how everything will turn out.

I think that you need to read more books, play chess, develop your brain in other ways. Do not just play games, but you need to do something else besides the games. Sport is also good, but it is physical work. But if you take brainstorming, brain activity, then you need to strain your brain a little differently. You have to force yourself to do what you are not used to. Then your brain will develop. “

On the dependence of the team on personal results

“Everyone has their own roles. My role is the most important. If I fail this role, then, accordingly, the game can go in the wrong direction. In some aspects I have to do a lot of frags, important minuses, because this is my role. Whether in my role as HObbit or Dosia, they would also have a lot of frags, but I do not have much, because I would have a role, and they have their own role.

I will give an example of football. A defender is playing. An important role, right? But he scores a little. And there is a striker. Scores a lot, all the laurels to him, he’s cool, popular. And the defender … He plays his part. The team wins. The same is true here. You can endlessly defend yourself, you can work well in the midfield, but if the attacker does not score goals – defeat. “

About the players from Kazakhstan

“I think there are a lot of different players in Kazakhstan, but I have recently ceased to be interested in Kazakhstan’s e-sports. Not that I somehow scored it or something. I just focus on my game and try not to pay attention to topics that do not concern my team. I know that Kazakhstan has many talented players in Tengri, zARLANS. I can not distinguish someone. They are all talented in their own way, and one of them has not yet flashed the way it should have been. Maybe he did not open up, maybe he needs time, maybe he needs to get into another, more experienced team.

As it was, say, with HObbit. Yes, he somehow showed himself, got to us and became MVP DreamHack Winter 2016. Now I can not single out anyone specifically, because in Kazakhstan there are a lot of players that you need to work on. They should work on themselves and we need to work on them. More experienced players may suggest less experienced. “