Andrey “Ghostik” Kadik from Team Empire shared his impressions of Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017. The player also noted the shortcomings of the Chinese RMM, disclosed the team’s future plans and listed the principles that he adheres to in communicating with the public in social networks.

About DAC 2017

“We were confident in our abilities, understood that we have some shortcomings, but in principle they played well. We expected that we could do a good job. But we could not count on any place, because we did not know what to expect from other teams. When we left the second place in the group, we already counted on the top 4, to be honest. I was sure that even if we lose in the top grid, we’ll go another round at the bottom.

Of course, there were some uncomfortable opponents, but during the group stage we felt good against the Chinese teams. In the playoffs a bit did not go, although they were close to winning both Invictus Gaming, and over iG Vitality. They just outsmarted themselves, but somewhere they did not have enough experience. Maybe, in something played a role of nervousness. You can find many reasons. But after the groups we were sure that we will not stop at this and climb higher.

About Chinese public relations

“A serious disadvantage is the lack of communication in English. You can not communicate, you use only the chat wheel. And they are constantly writing in the chat some numbers, but I have not figured out all the meanings. “666” means that you played well. “555” – let’s get together on the smock. “233” is badly played.

So they communicate with each other. But absolutely nobody ruins the game. There are no children like a little Russian schoolboy who will scream that he was not given a line, and will go by couriers to feed. There, everyone is calm about this and play to the end.

Another of the cons is the strategic phase. Suppose you decided to go to a difficult line, put the icon of the hero there. And one more player from the team can easily take another character into a difficult one, and he does not care for everything, he goes with you or takes a line from you. There’s just no one uses this card. If you see that someone has put an icon on it, then it’s just someone from Europeans or Americans with DAC. “

About comparisons with Lil

“Most likely, this [nickname” AntiLil “] suits me. I try to be very reserved in my statements and very rarely allow myself to say something harsh to a person in public, even if he deserves it. It seems to me that people should strive for this. I would like to think that people are drawn to personalities who think positively. “