Alexander “XBOCT” Dashkevich confirmed that three former players of Comanche and Maxim “Yoky” Kim can join the composition of FC Anji on Dota 2. In an interview with the portal, he also shared his thoughts on the level of teams from the CIS in the qualifiers for The Kiev Major.

About the selection of players in the team

“These guys (Igor” iLTW “Filatov, Eugene” Chuvash “Makarov and Mikhail” Misha “Agatov, former players of Comanche – ed.) Have long played three. And they all three voiced their desire to play with me. There is no need to look for someone else, because the guys have already played, they know what they want from each other. And since they arrange each other, it means that they can do something. I very often came across them in the rating games, so we already have some experience of communication. It can be seen that these guys know how and want to play.

When I first talked with them, I was surprised at their reasonableness in 18-19 years. There is sense in their words, there is no youthful stupidity, they try, they say clever things. In principle, this is all that is needed. [Fifth player] we only test. This is Maxim “Yoky” Kim. I liked him a long time ago, when I was still playing on off-line in Team Empire. Then Yoky wanted to play in another position, he tried in different teams on the middle line and on the kerry. He did a little worse than the main role, apparently, it took more time for training. When I asked Yoky if he wanted to play again on difficult, he agreed. On the off side, Maxim’s affairs were going well, so he seems to me an excellent candidate. “

About qualifications for the “major” in the CIS

“Compared to VP, all the teams looked a little worse, but they played pretty well. Unfortunately, there is only one slot from the CIS, and people will not be able to show themselves on the world stage. Perhaps G2A will now win this major, and the rink will be held for all rivals. Then it turns out that the LPG scene is quite competitive, just VP is too strong. Or they will lose and it will be clear that you need to seriously improve. But all this will be clear only after the major.

For too long, no one from the CIS has been given the opportunity to compete against teams from other regions in a prestigious tournament. Many teams played well: Team Empire, Na’Vi, Effect, Comanche. [After qualification] I wrote Dendi, congratulated him, asked what had happened at the beginning. He said that a little did not work, they were nervous and so on. In general, well done! This is what Na’Vi has always been strong with – his crambacks and the ability to learn during the tournament. This is in principle a very good indicator for the team. Well, the stimulus appears. You once felt that you can do something, but in the next game you come already a little more confident in your abilities and you doubt the decisions less. I’m happy for them. “

About Ilya’s statements “Lil” Ilyuk about “Dot” in the CIS

“I do not think Lil is a bad person. If he behaves this way, he has the right to do so. But he similarly spoils the attitude towards his team. And suddenly he will come to the major now and take the top 16 there. I am sure that this will not happen, and I sincerely hope that this will not happen. But if so, it will get the whole team. And there still is Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnaryov, who is always positive, communicates with everyone, jokes. About him, always say what a good guy he is and how well he performs.

But when he loses, the negative pours out in his direction, because he is part of the team. And along with him goes and Pasha (Pavel “9pasha” Khvastunov, offseyner – ed. Ed.), A kind, silent in public guy. There is also Alexei “Solo” Berezin, who went to this for so long, and now because of the statements of his teammate receives a lot of negative feedback. “